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Overblown #3 by E. Normous


WARNING: Objects in These Images are Larger than Life!

Enter the Overblown fantasy world of E. Normous, veteran Falcon and Raging Stallion Photo Editor and Retoucher. In this gallery, E. Normous morphs the endowments of our scorching-hot models to a scale that rivals Tom of Finland’s legendary illustrations. Feast your eyes on Godly physiques like you’ve never seen before, exceeding the biological limitations of the human body. It’s a hyper-masculine display of wildly bulging muscles, big, round erect nipples, and MASSIVE cocks that are rock-hard and stretching tight holes to the max! Welcome to E. Normous’ make-believe world where everything is Overblown.


Draven Torres
Photo Originally From Fetish Force’s The Trustees 


 Jimmy Fanz
Photo Originally From Falcon Studios’ Summer Lust


Conor Kline
Photo Originally From  Guys Like Us’ He’s Got The Moves


Seven Dixon
Photo Originally From Raging Stallion Studios’ Open Road, Part 1 


François Sagat & Sean Harris
Photo Originally From Fisting Central’s Hole Sweet Hole 


Ryan Rose & Shawn Wolfe
Photo Originally From Falcon Studios’ Buck Naked


Conor Kline & Hayden Richards
Photo Originally From Guys Like Us’ He’s Got the Moves 


Shawn Wolfe & Tommy Defendi
Photo Originally From Monster Bang’s Lowdown Dirty 


Miguel Leonn
Photo Originally From Raging Stallion Studios’ Passport to Paradise