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Overblown by E. Normous – Gallery #1


Enter the Overblown world of E. Normous, veteran Falcon and Raging Stallion Photo Editor and Retoucher who, in this debut gallery, has morphed some of the hottest Raging Stallion images taken by Kent Taylor to the extreme. In this ultimate enlarged fantasyland filled with the hottest men on the planet, E. Normous has pushed the limits and created works of super-sized erotic art. He’s given these studs the physique of Gods – displaying hyper masculinity, wildly bulging muscles, big round erect nipples and out of control sexuality. And, of course, the all have rock-hard, GIGANTIC cocks that are often stretching tight holes to the limit! Welcome to E. Normous’ make believe world where everything is Overblown.

Tommy Defendi, Damien Crosse & Donny Wright
Photo Originally from Raging Stallion’s Giants, Part 2

Tommy Defendi
Photo Originally from Raging Stallion’s Heretic

Dale Cooper
Photo Originally from Raging Stallion’s The Woods, Part 1

106952_A_AdamRamziAdam Ramzi
Photo Originally from Monster Bang’s Hole 2

106979_BoomerBanks_662Boomer Banks
Photo Originally from Raging Stallion’s Timberwolves

Race Cooper
Photo Originally from Fetish Force’s Sounding #8

IMG_9982 3
D.O. & Angelo Marconi
Photo Originally from Monster Bang’s Don’t Ask Just Fuck

Ricky Sinz
Photo Originally from Raging Stallion’s To The Last Man Parts 1 & 2

François Sagat
Photo Originally from Raging Stallion’s Arabesque

Steve Cruz & Damien Crosse
Photo Originally from Raging Stallion’s Hotter Than Hell, Part 1

Jesse Santana & Billy Berlin
Photo Originally from Fisting Central’s Ranch Hands